Can I read about privacy FAQ's concerning contact cards?

Below is a list of questions and answers relating to contact cards and privacy.


How secure are the wearable cards?

Data is stored in a secure, cloud-based encrypted database.  No personal data is stored on the contact card itself.  Any contact data stored on the card is automatically deleted after 21 days.  To further increase privacy, only authorised users can access data on the database.

All data exchanged between cards, during synchronization is encrypted using AES-128 or better. This includes the use of rolling keys etc.

Should the cards be disposed of securely?

Cards should be ‘cleared’ then recycled via e-waste recyclers, as all data is cryptographically secure, secure disposal is not required but can be as desired.

What happens if a card is lost or stolen from a security point of view?

The customer should notify SaferMe as soon as possible. SaferMe can unlink the card so that it can no longer be used for contact tracing within the system. If the card is recovered, data may still be retrievable (but only by SaferMe).

What happens to my data if I lose the card?

Notify the administrator as soon as possible. They can help the owner to try and locate it.  If a card is found it can be returned to the correct owner. If not found, any unsynced data on the card is lost.

Can a lost card be tracked?

No, lost cards cannot be tracked as the cards don’t record any location. The cards only record when they detect the presence of other cards that are near them.

Do the cards track my location?

SaferMe does not track the location of users. The contact cards detect one another and when they do they log this as a contact and that data is stored securely on the card. The data does not include where the contact occurred.