Contact Card Disposal

There are multiple ways to dispose of contact cards when they reach end of life. Read on to see which option works for you.

Electronic Waste

When cards reach end of life i.e. after the card battery becomes unusable, we recommend they are gathered and disposed via your company's electronic waste (e-waste) service.

These services will take the cards along with any other end-of-life electronics and break them down for reusable parts and use the correct disposal processes for any non-recyclable components.


SaferMe Disposal

As an alternative if you do not have such a service within your organization, you can box up your cards and send them back to the SaferMe distribution center. The address is provided by our support team once a faulty card has been diagnosed. 


If you suspect you have a faulty card it is essential to email with the card ID and the problem being experienced. Our team will help to determine if the card is faulty or out of battery and then will take it out of circulation. 


For any guidance on disposing contact cards safely please get in touch with us at