Contact Card Management in SaferMe

Manage card assignment, card removal, card details and card data within the admin portal of the SaferMe web app.

How to get there

To access the card management features a user must be an organization admin or manager on SaferMe. Admins and managers can navigate to the members page within the admin portal of the web app. 


Members Table Card Status

The members page displays card status icons such as battery status and last synced. The complete members table list can also be downloaded from the members table. This will include card ID's for all members, card battery level and card last synced info. 


Battery Icon

Once a card has been activated AND synced for the first time, a Card Status will display. The format for how it displays on the members table is - Battery level icon + Last sync. Below is a battery icon explainer so admins can easily manage identify when a card battery requires action. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 6.05.30 PM


Synching Status

Beside the battery icon will be a synching status letting the administrator know when the last sync occurred for a member. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 4.01.26 PM


Contact Card Details

To locate contact card info for a member, search for the member on the members table. Click the members name to open their individual contact log table. At the top of this screen will be their card status, card ID and card issue date. If a member does not have a card assigned to them these details will not be visible.


Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.00.40 PM-1

Assigning cards

To begin assigning cards, navigate to the members table. 


  • Select the member(s) who are to be assigned cards on the members page
  • Click 'Assign Card' from the menu bar
  • Alternatively click the three dot menu on the far right of the members name 
  • Click 'Assign Card' from this menu

 Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.03.56 PM       ⇐

  • Allow access to camera on the pop up (permission only has to be granted once) 
  • Scan the QR code of the card or enter in the card ID number manually 
  • Click 'Next'

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.07.32 PM          Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.06.00 PM      

  • If assigning more than one card, go through the flow for as many members selected
  • A success message will appear to confirm the assignment(s)
  • The message will also include a reminder to activate the card(s) 


Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.15.15 PM


  • If an incorrect card ID is entered an error message will appear 
  • Make sure to enter in all 12 digits displayed on the card to avoid an error message 

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.12.41 PM



  • Members cannot have more than one card issued to them at the same time.
  • Members cannot self-enroll. Only Managers and Owners can assign cards to members.
  • Owners, Admins and Managers can assign cards to themselves.
  • Owners, Admins and Managers can assign cards to both Current and Pending members. 

Removing Cards

Cards may need to be removed from members for a number of reasons such as lost cards, turnover of staff or new cards with fresh batteries being assigned. 




To remove a card from a member 

  • Use the search bar to look up the member 
  • Click the members name to open their contact log table 
  • Above their contact data are their contact card details 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.00.26 PM

  • If there are no contact card details visible the member does not have a card assigned to them
  • It is vital to sync the card BEFORE removing the card from a member 
  • Once the card has been synced click 'Remove Card' from the card details menu
  • Alternatively click the three dot menu beside the members name on the members table
  • Click 'Remove Card' 

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.01.10 PM

  • Ensure the details are correct 
  • Select a reason for removing the card from the drop down 

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.01.43 PM


  • A success message will appear once the card has been removed 

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.02.18 PM


Reassigning Cards 

Previously used cards can be re assigned to another member.  The rule of thumb for this process is to always sync the card first. 

To reassign a card 

  • Sync the card 
  • Remove the card from the member 
  • Wait 24 hours (best practice) 
  • Reassign the card to another member 


Important: Removing a person from your organization completely removes that person from all of your contact log tables. Wait 14 days before removing members from the organization as a safety precaution. 




Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have about card management. Contact us at