Form Data Page

This article provides an overview of the form data page within the admin portal of the SaferMe web app








How to get there

Log in to the SaferMe web app. Organisation Admins can select the 'Admin' button on the top right of the menu bar.  The forms page will open. Click 'View Reports' for any form.


If 'View Reports' is not visible beside forms - admin access to forms is required. Contact an admin to request access. 


Overview of Form Data 


Switch between forms by selecting from the drop down on the top left. Only one form can be selected at a time. 


  • Report title - the field of the report chosen to be the report title
  • State - the current workflow stage of a report 
  • Risk score (only for Hazard forms) - colour coded score with description
  • Created on - date and time
  • Reported by - reporter's name
  • Location - address or coordinates of the report 
  • Users alerted - number of users who received alerts about the report 
  • Users opened - number of users who opened an alert about the report
  • Incomplete tasks - number of incomplete tasks
  • Assignee - the person who the report is currently assigned to




1 - Created on

Set the date range to see reports for that timeframe.



The presets are: 

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • Last 7 days
  • This month
  • Last 30 days (default)
  • Last month 
  • Custom rage

2 - Report Title

This filter is a free text field which will search through the report title column for matching words.

As an example if a form contained a field called 'site name' and this field was chosen as the report title. 

Then if the words 'green site' were used in the search bar, the results would be any reports that contained 'green site' in their report title.


3 - State

Set the state filter to bring up all reports currently in a specific state. For example selecting all reports in an 'action required' state. 


4 - Reported By

Search box filter to enter in names of members within the organisation. Use the reporter filter to bring up all reports a specific reporter made.




Admins can download data (in a CSV file) of a selection of reports, or all reports. 


The CSV file downloaded will contain the following columns, in this order:

  1. Report ID
  2. Report title
  3. State
  4. Created on
  5. Reported by
  6. Location 
  7. Users alerted
  8. Users opened
  9. Incomplete tasks
  10. Assignee
  11. Primary category
  12. Secondary category
  13. Tertiary category
  14. Form fields in the same order as in the form
  15. Any leftover columns



For more information on the form data page please do reach out to us at