How do I edit a training record?

Training updates over time, edit an existing record to show a members progress.

How to get there 

Once the 'Training' feature has been enabled for the organisation, admins can access the feature through the admin portal. Log in to the SaferMe web admin portal and select 'Training' from the menu on the left. 

Editing Records

Created records will display in list view and each one is clickable.



When clicked open the record will display a 'change history' and have an 'edit record' button. 

Any changes made to the record will be added to the change history. 




Editing the record over time means no longer having to create separate records for the same kind of training e.g. Gill has one SOP Manual Handling training record. Each time she completes further training for this SOP, her original record can be updated instead of creating a new one. 

The change history documents her competency level improving over time and admins can leave comments related to the training about her progress.

The admin team has clarity over when next training is required, who conducted the training, what is the competency level and how is the member progressing in the eyes of the admins overseeing the training. 




If you have any questions on creating or monitoring training records send us a message -