How do I see what members belong to which forms?

Use 'Manage Members' to understand roles and engagement of the form.

How to get there

To view individual member lists of forms a person must be a manager of an organization and be signed in to the SaferMe web app. Navigate to the Admin Portal and select 'Forms'. Select 'Manage Members' for any form.


This will bring up an alphabetized list of the members that have been added to that form, their roles and their engagement with the form.


Health Screening



A form can have three different roles. Every form has an owner and there can only be one owner. The rest of the users are made up of admins and operators. Check out our complete guide on SaferMe roles in our other article Explaining the different roles of SaferMe



    The values on the table show each members' engagement with reports and alerts. A total percentage of the members' awareness of the form is totalled at the end. That % is a calculation of alerts sent vs alerts opened.
    For any questions about managing members please email