How do I set up training for my organisation?

Configure the competency levels before creating each module.

How to get there 

Once the 'Training' feature has been enabled for the organisation, admins can then access the feature through the admin portal. Log in to the SaferMe web admin portal and select 'Training' from the menu on the left. 



Configure Competency Levels 

When first accessing the training feature, there are presets available which can be used as is or edited to reflect your preferences. 



Up to three additional levels can be added to the existing four options and up to maximum of seven levels. Click the '+' icon to add an additional level.

The values and text chosen will apply to all modules in the training feature. Click 'Save Levels' when happy with the values and text. 

The competency levels can be edited again later after they have been saved. Click 'competency levels' on the modules screen to edit. 


Modules and Records 

The training section has two sections within it, modules and records.

Now that the training feature is set up, modules can be created. A module is a 'master' training record, if a module is edited, the changes apply to all training records associated with that module. 


Read our 'How to add a module' article to begin creating modules for an organisation. If you would like the training feature enabled for your organisation reach out to us and we can enable it for you - hit us up at