How do I use the members area in SaferMe?

The members page provides an overview of each members mobile app set up, their use of the app and their details.

After a member has been invited to join an organization on SaferMe, an admin can check in to see if the member has signed up. Our Mobile App Status column shows each set up indicator. The icons display bluetooth, location services, mobile app sign in and push notifications.


How to get there 

To access the Members screen a member needs to be a manager or an admin of the organisation and signed into SaferMe on desktop. Select 'Members' from the menu on the left.


Let's dig deeper. 



Pending vs current 

The 'Current' list displays all users who have successfully signed up to SaferMe. The 'Pending' list displays all users who have been invited to the organisation but are yet to complete the sign up process.


Mobile App Status Icons

The icons are displayed on the 'Current' user list under the column title 'Mobile App Status'. There are four icons that can appear for each member. 


Release 2



*Icons from left to right 


Mobile App Icon 

The Mobile App Icon indicates if the member has signed into the SaferMe mobile app. This icon will only appear first when a member has signed into SaferMe on mobile and then will continue to display. An additional red warning highlight will display over the mobile app icon when the member does not have the latest version of the SaferMe mobile app. 


Alerts Icon 

The Alerts Icon is an indication that the member has 'Push Notifications' enabled for SaferMe on their mobile device.


Bluetooth Icon

The Bluetooth Icon is an indication that the member has Bluetooth enabled for SaferMe on their mobile device.


Location Services Icon 

The Location Services icon is an indication that the member has location services enabled for SaferMe on their mobile device. 



Tooltips will display for each icon when a cursor hovers them. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 2.38.05 PM


Re-send Feature

If users appear in the 'Pending' list, they can be re sent an email invitation to the organisation. When clicked, the button will re send the original invitation to the members. Re send invites are available to send to one or many 'pending' users.


Additional Columns


Last Activity 

Last activity indicates the last time the member interacted with SaferMe when signed in.



Supervisor by default is blank. Each member can be assigned a supervisor. Assign a supervisor by selecting the member(s) and clicking 'Edit Members'. 


Select a supervisor from the drop down and click SAVE CHANGES.




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