QR codes for Site Inductions

SaferMe can help admins to set up an induction form which can be accessed via a QR code by anyone on site

Everyone on site needs quick access to a site induction form. By using the camera on their mobile phones, workers can scan a QR code which loads the site induction form to be filled out.

Induct new employees, contractors and site visitors without the need to use the SaferMe mobile app. Create an Induction form inside the SaferMe web app. SaferMe will provide a QR code to be displayed on hazard boards or at site entrances.


Hazard board

How it works

Site visitors can access the induction by:

  1. Opening a smartphone camera 
  2. Scanning the QR code 
  3. Opening the form in their browser 


New Phone Web Form



How to get a QR Code

  • Email support@safer.me
  • Provide an organization name 
  • Provide a channel name (to convert the QR code from)
  • SaferMe will review the channel (all fields must be compatible)
  • SaferMe will convert the channel into a web form
  • SaferMe will use the web form link to generate a unique QR code
  • SaferMe will provide a QR code pack 


SaferMe QR Code Pack 

This includes

  • a .jpeg image file 
  • a .svg image file  
  • a poster with the QR code embedded in it 

Print the image and display the QR code on a hazard board or at every site entrance. 


QR Code Reports 

Admins can access all reports submitted via the QR code in the SaferMe web app.

The workflow (states) can be configured to alert or assign admins for each new submission.

Assignees can receive email notifications prompting them to open the report in SaferMe to review.


For more information or to request a QR code please email support@safer.me