Health & Safety Consultant (HSC) Partner Resources

Hey Partners! On this page you will find helpful resources to market, sell and set up SaferMe with your clients.

📢  Marketing & Selling SaferMe

To support your efforts to market and sell SaferMe to your clients, here are resources that can help you explain and show the benefits of SaferMe. 

Tips on Selling SaferMe to your clients

Hear from one of our most prolific resellers of SaferMe, James Williamson. Click here to read.

Product Overviews
- Video (1 min introduction to SaferMe): SaferMe in One Minute (YouTube)
- Quick PDF introduction to features for SMEs: SaferMe in two pages
- Longer slide presentation - Safety Features for SMEs

Demo Material
- QR Code form - Site Induction example (ask prospect to scan on their camera)
- Another QR Code form example - Vehicle Checklist (ask prospect to scan on their camera)

Case Studies
1 - Pryors ApparelMaster case study (increased engagement focus)
2 - Cashmere Primary School case study (ease of use, community engagement, managing school hazards & risk register) 
3 - Construction business case study - awaiting approval!

Live website pricing page (always carries up-to-date pricing): 

Something missing? If there is something that would help you market or sell SaferMe to your clients please let Mike Steere know. email:  

🎯  I have a Client Ready to Sign

Great work! We have a simple four step process to get your client signed and started with SaferMe. This process helps us ensure each client receives a consistent, high quality onboarding experience.

These are the steps:

Step 1: You complete the HSC client form with their business & SaferMe package details - here is the link to the form.
Step 2: SaferMe Support is notified and will create the organisation and setup the billing account.
Step 3: The client will receive a Chargebee billing email - they need to add their credit card details.
Step 4: SaferMe Support will then consult with you to clone forms and arrange a training call if you and the client would like this.

General HSC / Reseller Information 

Resources for Clients 

Clients signed up to SaferMe have access to a SaferMe training session and all Help Center resources. In addition, a couple of helpful guides are below: