Risk Register FAQ

We answer questions relating the SaferMe Risk Register

What is the Risk Register? 

The SaferMe Risk Register provides a streamlined approach to creating and managing hazards for an organisation. Admins can monitor hazards in one place and download all hazard information at once. 

The Risk Register allows organisation admins to configure a risk matrix and add hazards to the risk register. Admins can then edit and evolve their risks over time and demonstrate the continuous improvement to risk management with a full change history.


Why is the Risk Register valuable? 

The Risk Register gives admins the platform to prove continuous improvement and evolving controls over time to improve safety. By reviewing controls over time, admins can display clearly how their people manage the risks they encounter, when and how much they review these risks and what actions they have taken to mitigate risk. 

All of this info can then easily be extracted by download to provide to relevant third parties. 


Where is the Risk Register? 

The Risk Register can be accessed within the SaferMe Admin Portal. 


Who has access to the risk register? 

Organisation owners and organisation administrators have access to the risk register through the SaferMe admin portal. 


How do I create the Risk Register for an organisation? 

Once the Risk Register feature has been enabled for the organisation, it can be configured. Watch our Configure the Risk Matrix video to get started. 


Can I edit the Risk Register after I create it? 

Yes if there are changes made to the risk matrix, they will propagate to all hazards on the risk register that have already been added. 


Can I delete a hazard after it has been added to the risk register?

No, a hazard cannot be deleted from the Risk Register only edited.


Can I see changes / edits for a hazard?

Yes, each hazard has a change history which details the time and date of the change, what the changes were and who made the changes. 


Can I download the Risk Register? 

Yes, the entire Risk Register can be downloaded into a PDF format. The header displays the name of the organisation. The footer displays the time and date of the download and the main contents contain all of the hazards belonging to the Risk Register. 


Can someone be alerted to a ‘next review date’? 

Not at this time, the next review date will display a warning symbol when the review date has passed and no review has taken place.  


Is there a maximum number of hazards that can be added to a risk register?

No, as many hazards as you like can be added to a risk register.