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Supported web browsers and device specifications

We list minimum and recommended specifications as well as supported devices for SaferMe

Minimum Mobile Device Specifications 

OS: iOS 9, Android 8.0+ 

Battery: iOS: 1400mAh* Android: 1800mAh* 

iPhone device: iPhone 6S 

Android Device: Samsung Galaxy S8 (System update to Android 8 or above) or equivalent 


Recommended Mobile Device Specifications 

OS: iOS 14 or above, Android 8 or above. 

Battery: iOS: 1700mAh* Android: 3000mAh* or higher 

iPhone device: iPhone 7 or newer 

Android Device: Android 11 or newer


Supported web browsers for SaferMe Web Administration

We always recommend users keep the browser at the latest possible version. 

Safari: 9 Or Higher 

Edge: 40 or higher 

Firefox: 55 or higher 

Chrome: 56 or higher 

Device Lists 

Supported iPhone List

Supported iPad List

Supported Android Device List: 

There are over 9,000 ‘technically supported’ Android Devices, and at least 375 Devices that would meet the recommended specs, and this number changes frequently. The following provides a broad guide as to which devices should be considered: ● Manufacture date less than 3 years ago (ideally less than 2 years) 

  • Quality Brands: Google, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi
  • Quality Display 1440x2560 or better 
  • Quality Camera 10+ MegaPixels 
  • Good battery Life - 3000mAh or better 
  • Avoid ‘Lite’ ‘LE’ and ‘SE’ devices, which usually have poorer performance. 
Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions at support@safer.me