How do I set up my SaferMe account?

From configuring your dashboard to adding in your members, here is a step by step set up plan to setting up your SaferMe account

How to get there

Log in to the SaferMe web app to set up your account. Once signed in you will land on the dashboard screen.


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Dashboard configuration - forms

Dashboard configuration - training

Dashboard configuration - risks

Adding members

Download the SaferMe mobile app

Email notifications


Dashboard Configuration

The dashboard is the central hive of activity for an organisation. It displays outstanding tasks, report activity, expiry reminders for risks and training records. 

There are three tiles to configure.


- The forms tile

- The training tile

- The risks tile




The Forms Tile

Click 'add form' on the forms tile. It will open up a screen with suggested forms to choose from, or you can create your own custom form. 


Once you have either selected forms or created them, they will then display in your 'Forms' area. Here you can navigate to reports, manage members for each form and edit forms.



If you have any digital or paper based forms you need support to build in SaferMe, reach out to our stellar support team for advice and assistance -


Finish configuring the forms tile by selecting the 'configure' button on the top right of the dashboard screen.


You can select up to three forms. The number of new and unresolved reports will display for each one. You can change which forms to display anytime. 

Get the low down on setting up forms in SaferMe by reading our 'How do I set up forms?' article. 



Start creating reports to see these widgets populate with numbers. Want to know how to create a report? See our 'How do I create a report on the web app?' article. 



The Training Tile

Click 'configure' on the training tile. This will open up the 'Configure Competency Levels' screen. These pre configured suggestions can be edited to your preference. 




Once configured, you can begin to create modules such as 'First Aid' and 'Forklift License'. After the modules have been created, individual records can be added per member i.e. Mark's forklift license. 


Check out our comprehensive 'How do I set up training for my organisation' help article for more detailed steps. 



The Risks Tile

Click 'configure' on the risks tile. It will open up a screen with two steps.

The first is to configure your risk matrix and once completed, hazards can then be added to the risk register. 


Read our comprehensive 'How do I configure my risk register?' help article for more detailed steps. 




Add your members 

Give your people access to SaferMe so they can start making reports and reviewing tasks. Click 'Members' on the menu to the left. 



This will open up the members area. From here you can add members, change their access settings and check if their devices have been set up correctly. 



Each member is added in using their email address. You can bulk add a csv file of email addresses or add them in individually.

To get the full breakdown on how to add members see our 'How do I add members to SaferMe?' article. 




Download SaferMe Mobile App

Click the profile pic icon on the top right of the toolbar. Click 'Get mobile app'. 


This will open a pop up with details on how to download the SaferMe mobile app.

You can click either of the buttons to be brought to the device stores. Google Play is for android devices and the App Store is for ios devices. 

Alternatively you can enter in your phone number to be sent a link to download the SaferMe app. 






Lastly in order to configure email notifications click the profile picture on the top right of the screen and select 'View profile'. 



Select the 'notifications' tab. This will display the email notifications toggle setting. If it is blue and to the right it is turned on and you will receive email notifications about activity on your organisation. If the toggle is white and to the left it is off. 




You can find each section mentioned here broken down further throughout the help centre. We suggest checking out our article on the 'Dashboard' as a next step. This will detail how to get the maximum value out of the dashboard for your day to day needs.


Our support team is on hand to help you get set up so please do reach out to us anytime at