Synching Contact Cards on a mobile phone

Follow these steps to sync a SaferMe wearables contact card using the SaferMe Sync mobile app

Card syncing
The process of uploading card data into SaferMe via SaferMe Sync mobile app.


Contact card
A plastic card that looks similar to an access card that people generally use to enter offices. It has a button, a light indicator, a QR code, and an ID imprinted on it.


What is needed to sync a SaferMe wearables contact card?

  • One or more SaferMe wearable contact cards
  • The SaferMe sync app downloaded on to a mobile device
  • Good strong internet connection


SaferMe Sync app

A mobile standalone app, separate from the SaferMe app. This app allows users to sync card data into SaferMe. It doesn’t require a sign-in. When synching using the mobile app it is advisable to keep other cards away from the card and mobile device to avoid any possible interference.


Download the SaferMe Sync app 


Apple Store - SaferMe Sync App

Play Store - SaferMe Sync App



Steps to sync 


  1. Open the SaferMe Sync mobile app
  2. Allow for bluetooth and camera 
  3. Choose a card and move all other cards away (we advise 6 feet) 
  4. Scan the QR code of the card (or enter the Card ID manually)
  5. The app will start the data syncing process from the card to the server
  6. At this point, press the button on the card until a red light appears
  7. Tap on “Connect” on the app
    When the process is finished a success message will display on the app.




The process for syncing the data is quick and takes a few seconds per card. 

Data on the cards is deleted after 21 days.


If you have any questions about syncing a SaferMe contact card please reach out to us at