The Dashboard Overview

Manage all outstanding tasks for an org in one place. Risks that need review, incomplete report tasks or training records about to expire.

The dashboard provides the perfect window into seeing 'what needs to be done' for an org and helps admins see all outstanding tasks including their own. 



How to get there 

To access the dashboard for an org, an admin must be logged in to SaferMe on the web app. Upon logging in, the dashboard will instantly open for admins. Find the dashboard button at the top of the menu on the left side of the admin portal.


The Overview

The dashboard has five sections

  • Details
  • Tasks
  • Training
  • Risks
  • Add Button

Details Tile

This tile displays the org name, the timezone info, date and time. 

Tasks Tile

Within the tasks tile are two filters. 

My incomplete tasks - opens a list of all outstanding tasks belonging to the admin signed in. 

All incomplete tasks - opens a list of all outstanding tasks for the organisation. 

Both filters can be clicked and opened to display the list of outstanding tasks. The admin also has access to the full list of completed tasks for the org.



The filters button on the top left can be used to search through all tasks. 


Incomplete tasks

Filter through incomplete tasks by selecting from 

  • Task title
  • Assignee
  • Created Date
  • Report Name 


Completed Tasks

Filter through tasks that are complete by selecting from 

  • Task title
  • Assignee
  • Completed by
  • Completed date
  • Report Name 

Training and Hazards

In order to get the full suite of features out of the dashboard, training and hazards need to be configured if not done already. 


If these are not configured a message will display on the dashboard tiles instructing the admin to start configuration. 


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Training Tile

See instantly if any training records have expired or will be expiring within one week, within one month or within three months. Each filter is clickable and will bring the admin through to the records screen of the training area. 

Risks Tile 

Keep track of which hazards have review dates coming up to expiry or have already expired. Click through any of the filters to be brought directly to the risks area to review.

The Add Button

Use the add button to take action directly from the dashboard screen. 

  • Add a report
  • Add a risk
  • Add a training record 


Getting started with the dashboard? Get in touch with us and we can help