How can close contacts be manually reported in SaferMe?  

Manually record close contacts by making a Contact Log report on the SaferMe mobile app. This article details how and when to make a Manual Contact Log report.

How to get there: A user must be logged in to the mobile app and have been added to a Contact Log channel. Open the mobile app, log in and press the large red button on the bottom right of the map screen. 

From the list of channels available select the 'Contact Log' channel to begin making a report.


The Contact Log provides users with the ability to manually record the details of those they come in contact with both inside and outside of the company.

Note: This form automatically captures the time, date, location and name of the report creator at the time of its submission.


Featured within the form itself is a list of;

  1. Internal Attendees, which provides a checklist of names of all the staff in the Members list

  2. External Attendees, which is a series of short text boxes with which the user can record the details of anyone present at the meeting who is not a part of the Members list / organization.



These short text boxes do not have a word limit, so the report creator can capture as much information about the External Attendee as they require i.e. Name + Contact phone / email address.


This information will then populate in the Contact Tables of the reporter. 


The Manual Contact Log allows users with a quick and easy way to account for prolonged interactions with a specific group of staff members i.e. those present at a meeting.


Additionally, it provides a means for staff members to contribute to their own Contact Tables when coming into contact with non-SaferMe users i.e. contractors, delivery people etc.


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