CSV Upload in SaferMe

Steps to successfully uploading new members using the CSV upload feature

Admins can bulk add new members or guests into their organization in SaferMe. To add in bulk, upload a CSV file with the new user details.


Only 200 new users can be uploaded at a time. If uploading more than 200 new users, separate out the list into chunks of 200. 


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Uploading a CSV to the Members Tab / Pending Tab

Uploading a CSV to the Guests Tab


Members / Pending Tab

Both of these tabs require an email address to be added for each new user. 


CSV File

The CSV file is made up of

  • Email column
  • First name column (optional)
  • Last name column (optional)

Email Column

The email column must be titled as 'email' for the column and its contents to be recognised. This is a mandatory column. Uploading the email address of the member is essential so that an email invite to join SaferMe is sent. 


First/Last Name Column

The first and last name columns are not mandatory for the CSV file to upload. 

The benefit of having the first and last names pre populated means that when the new members complete sign up, their names are automatically populated for them. 


Download this CSV heading format here 

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 1.27.44 PM



Guest Tab 

Guests don't require email addresses. Guests are not sent invitations to join SaferMe. 

A name or even a unique ID is all that is needed to add a new guest. 


CSV File

The "first_name" column is the only field that is required. The other columns are not mandatory.


Guest Tab Column Headings

  • First name column (required)
  • Last name column (optional)
  • Company (optional) - the company the guest is associated with
  • Preferred contact (optional) - which contact details the guest can be reached on
  • Visiting (optional) - the person the guest is visiting


Download this CSV heading format here 


Example of how the details display once uploaded


Need help uploading a CSV file ? Please get in touch with us at support@safer.me