Editing member roles

Add your people and assign them different access roles appropriate to their responsibility

Every new member added to an organisation has basic member access. This means they will be able to submit reports and manage certain reports that they are allowed to see.

Certain members may require additional access if they are tasked with managing data, members or forms. In order to complete these responsibilities they require admin or manager access to an organisation.


The owner or an admin of an organisation has the powers to make any member an admin or manager.



How to get there 

Log in to the SaferMe admin portal on the web app.


  • Select 'Members' from the menu on the left
  • Search for the member who is to be given admin access
  • Select the checkbox on the left next to the member's name. *More than one member can be  selected and edited together



  • This will bring up a menu toolbar above the member list
  • Select Edit Members from this toolbar


  • Under 'Organisation Role' select Admin or Manager
  • Save these changes


The role of the user will now appear in the Members table as an Admin or Manager. They will then have access to the 'Admin Portal' when they log into the SaferMe web app. 


To understand the differences between user roles in SaferMe and what powers an Admin or Manager has click here for a comprehensive breakdown.



For more information about changing member access or to request Manager or Admin access for someone in an organisation please email us at support@safer.me and we can assist.