How do I create a module?

Now that you have set up your competency levels, begin building out your training area with all the modules you need.


How to get there 

Once the 'Training' feature has been enabled for the organisation, admins can then access the feature through the admin portal. Log in to the SaferMe web admin portal and select 'Training' from the menu on the left. 


A module is a 'master' training record. If you edit a module, the changes apply to all training records associated with that module.


How to create a module

Modules can be created only after the competency levels have been reviewed and saved. If you haven't completed that step yet pop over to our 'How do I set up training for my organisation?' article. 


  • Navigate to the training area - modules
  • Click 'Add Module' to begin.



  • Name your module e.g. First Aid 
  • Select which category it falls into, choose from either - certification/qualification, license, competency, standard operating procedure (SOP), other


  • The 'add reminder' toggle is automatically turned on
  • Adding a reminder allows you to configure a review/expiry date when creating a record. A reminder will be sent via email prior to the date selected 
  • If the reminder toggle is turned on, we will always remind you 1 month before the review/expiry date
  • Turn on additional reminders if desired



Managing Modules 

Once modules have been created, records can then be created in association with a particular module. 


Deleting Modules

  • Modules can be deleted if they have no records associated to them
  • Delete a module by selecting the bin icon next to the name of the module
  • Once a module has a record associated to it the module cannot be deleted and the bin icon will disappear


Creating Records

Once a module is created, records for individual members can be created. For example 'First Aid' is the module, a record of Karl's first aid certificate is added to the 'First Aid' module.


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