Activating a SaferMe contact card

Begin contact tracing using a wearables contact card


  • To activate a SaferMe contact card hold down the button on the card until a green light flashes
  • This green light indicates that the card is now active and recording contact with other cards it detects
  • Once activated, a card will remain operating until the battery goes dead 
  • If the card is laid down flat it will go to sleep and stop recording contacts i.e. contact tracing won't work 
  • Once the card is picked up it will begin logging contacts with other cards again
  • A card can be activated more than once, this won't stop the card from working
  • Syncing the card won't deactivate the card, the card will still be operational once synching is complete


To learn about synching a contact card visit our knowledge base articles on synching here 



If you would like to know more about card activation please email