Troubleshooting Contact Cards when syncing

Having issues syncing a contact card with the SaferMe Sync app? Work through the troubleshooting tips below for assistance

What do I need? 

Download the SaferMe Sync app and visit our comprehensive article on how to sync here.


SaferMe Sync app is supported on mobile/ ipad / tablet devices - Android: 6.0 and up
iOS: 10.0 and up


Troubleshooting Tips For Synching 


There are a few factors that can disrupt a successful sync. If the sync is unsuccessful an error message may appear. Here are some of the tips to try when an error message has appeared and syncing was unsuccessful.



  • Make sure there are no other contact cards within 6 feet of the card being synched and the device being used to sync with. 
  • Try synching on another device if an error message occurs repeatedly. 
  • Hold down consistent pressure on the button of the card until the red light appears. 
  • Move any bluetooth devices away from the card being synced and the device being used to sync.
  • Ensure that the device being used to sync has strong internet connection. 
  • Check that the SaferMe Sync app is updated to the latest version. 




  • Have other cards near the card or device when attempting to sync (minimum 6 feet away)
  • Take pressure off of the button before the red light appears - this will disrupt the card when it is trying to connect to the device 
  • Disable internet connection on the device being used to sync. 
  • Move the card away from the device being used to sync until the synching has fully completed and a success message appears. 


      Note* When conducting a contact trace ensure a 15 minute window from when a card is synced to when a contact log table is checked. This 15 minute window allows for the data to reach our server and update the tables accordingly. If checked earlier, contact data may not be visible which is vital to the contact trace.



      Get in touch

      Email if these problems persist and synching continues to be unsuccessful. Include device type, version of device and describe the specific error message experienced.