Adding members to SaferMe

In this article, we will cover how Admins and Managers of SaferMe can add members via the web app.

Only Admins, Managers or the Owner of the organisation can add members into SaferMe. 

Adding Members: 

  1. Begin in the web app
  2. Select Members from the left menu
  3. Choose Add Members at the top of the Members page 
  4. Type or paste in the email address(s) individually and select ADD OR, add users in bulk via a .csv file
  5. Select the level of access you would like the employee to have: Admin, Manager or Member
  6. Once all the emails are loaded, click ADD MEMBERS


    An email invitation will be sent to the employee(s) inviting them to sign up to SaferMe. The employee(s) email address will appear in the Pending tab on the Members page until they have accepted this invite. 

    Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 3.30.23 PM

    After signing up, those with Members will be directed to download the mobile app. Managers and Admins will receive access to the SaferMe web app. 

    Once an employee has signed up to SaferMe, they will appear in the Current tab of the Members page. They can then be added to the appropriate forms. 

    Have any questions about adding your employees or concerns about employees not receiving the invitation? Reach out to us at