Explaining States

This article will explore the States tab of the Design Form builder

States allow the channel admin to digitise the workflow of a report as follows;

  1. A report is created 
  2. It is passed on to someone (usually Supervisor or channel administrator)
  3. It is actioned off by this Supervisor / channel administrator who can then;
    1. Pass it on for further review 
    2. Complete the report / Archive the report

Channel admin can add as many states as they like but are encouraged to keep this process as simple as possible.

Add the Channel Admin Moderation widget into the States tab of Design Form by dragging it into the form builder. Click on the widget to begin programming the workflow of completed reports in this channel. 

State label

Give the Channel Admin Moderation widget a name ie. Report Received or Under Investigation

How pins look on the map 

Select from the dropdown;

  • Loud / Attention: Pins vibrate on the map and provide proximity alerts
  • Normal: Pins appear static on the map
  • Invisible: Pins do not appear on the map 

Set who will get alerted when this state is hit

Select from the dropdown;

  • None 
  • Channel Admins Only 
  • Operators and Channel Admins 
  • All 

Set an auto transition to next state

If this box is selected, the days, hours or minutes entered in the corresponding box will be the time a completed report sits in this state. After the allotted time, the report will move into the next state. 

Restrict who can view reports

Check this box to ensure only Channel Admins and Assignees are able to view reports in this state. This is useful for reports with sensitive information or if they are 'Under Investigation'. 

Set who can edit the state and assignment of reports

Select from the dropdown either;

  • Channel Admins Only 
  • Operators and Channel Admins 

Assign User

To make sure a member of the organization receives a report in their Your Tasks tab, check the box and select this member's name from the dropdown. 

To assign the report to the organization Supervisors, select the box Assign to Supervisor. 

Note: if Assign to Supervisor is selected, all members of the organization must have an assigned Supervisor on the Members page


If Auto-archive reports when they enter this state is selected, this will remove the report from the Reports tab in the feed and move it into the Archive tab when this state is hit. These reports will still appear in the Channel Data page of the Admin portal.